Day 20 introduces the first of the non-spectral hues: Purple. Swipe to see some colour information and progress shots. Purple refers to two separate colours, both made from a combination of red and blue; in the RGB system, red and blue light can be mixed in a ratio 3:5 to make the purple hue (AKA Electric Purple); in traditional painting, red and blue pigments can be mixed in equal measure to make a dark, desaturated magenta - the two colours block out each other's wavelengths, along with the remaining primary (green), allowing only some red and blue wavelengths to be reflected; hence the magenta hue; the same is true for Olive (Red/Green) and Teal (Green/Blue). Purple differs from Violet, because Violet has its own wavelength, while Purple is always a mixture of wavelengths from either end of the spectrum. The resulting hues link Violet and Red, and are called the Line of Purples. These colours are the brain's way of interpreting multiple wavelengths, and are unusual in that wavelengths usually average to a colour in between them on the spectrum (in this case, green). Purple comes from purpura, another name for the spiney-dye murex snail from which the Tyrian Purple dye comes from. The dye goes through a range of colours during the process of making it, and can range from deep crimson to violet depending on the species of snail and the time the process is halted. The manufacturing process was expensive. To represent this colour, I have drawn the shell of the spine-dye murex snail I used a Staedtler Mars Micro pencil, Uni Pin Fine Line pens, Laconile dual brush tip and fineliner pens, and Faber Castell Polychromos pencils, along with a white Caran d'Ache Luminance pencil. Image 3 shows a more accurate representation of the hue. #huevember #huepril #hue #colour #spectrum #colourtheory #rgb #cmyk #fabercastell #polychromos #pencil #colourpencil #carandAche #laconile #brushpen #mixedmedia #unipin #art #drawing #conceptart #illustration #traditionalart #artwork #purple #murex #atlantis #seaman #feraldoodle #aldoink #artistofinstagram

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